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Ascend Racing Team

ASCEND Communications Racing Team
Nutrition and Health Links

Nutrition and Health Sites:
Runners World Magazine Nutrition Advice and Information   Plenty of running related nutrition information.
CoolRunning's Nutrition, Injury, and Fitness News   The latest health & fitness news.
The American Heart Association   The American Heart Association Home Page
Center for Science in the Public Interest   Publisher of Nutrition Action Healthletter
Columbia University's Healthwise   Includes the Web-famous "Go Ask Alice" column.
Mayo Health O@sis   Information from the world famous Mayo Clinic.
The Vegetarian Pages   The vegetarian pages. MEGA veggie information
Additional Health and Nutrition Sites   CSPI list of Additional Health and Nutrition Sites
The AHA views on veg*an diets   The American Heart Association views on vegetarian diets
CSPI 10 reasons for veg*anism   CSPI article on top 10 reasons why people become vegetarian