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Ascend Racing Team

ASCEND Communications Racing Team
General Race Information

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General Race Information

Information on Submitting Race Listings

Our intention is not to try to compete with CoolRunning or New England Runner Magazine. We are a non-profit organization with the web-site updates being done on a volunteer basis. With that said, we'll gladly add a listing for a race. Note: We reserve the right to reject a listing for what ever reason we feel fit. (Legal stuff - gag!)

In order for a race listing to be accepted, it must have the information in the following general order:

Race date; Race Distance(s) and Starting Times; Race Name
blank line
Race Location, City, State, Location and Street Address;  If the race is TAC/USATF Certified for Distance Accuracy.
blank line
Race Price(s)
blank line
Contact information: Phone/ mail/ email/ web-site
blank line
Any additional information.
blank line
An optional text-based application with the mailing address, disclaimer, cost, race time and location, etc on the form.

Note: A text-based copy of the application will increase the likely-hood that runners will attend.
We will also accept any text-based application information as long as the total size is less than 6K (exceptions are possible). Unfortunately, because of image-size, we can not use a scanned copy. However, we will gladly add a link to a scanned race application that resides on another server/ web-site.

Please allow at least TWO weeks for the information to be entered.
EMail the information to: Joe Viola at: