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Ascend Racing Team

ASCEND Communications Racing Team
Membership Information

We'd love to have you join -- Sign up today!

Runners of all speeds welcome!
Join us for a little or a lot of competition.
The ART will be running a few races this year.
We'd love to have more Ascend employees join us in our runs.

It is free to join!

What did Lucent, Cisco, Bay, 3Com, Digital, Cabletron, and many others of our competitors have that we didn't? A Company Running Club! Since we are an industry leader in many areas, we couldn't let that situation continue any further! Hence, the

If you ever forget our URL's, just check out our info label on the 1998 Race Calendar, which is hanging in the Westford fitness room.

The regular race fees apply to any race that you choose to run in with the team. We are a non-profit club without any financial support from the company. Any Ascend employee can join us.
Runners of all speeds are welcome! YES, this means YOU!!
If you can only run at an x-minutes per mile pace and therefore you think that you run "too slow",
I said: "Runners of all speeds are welcome!!!"
Clear enough? < grin >.

It is very simple to join. We only require a one time application. After that, all we request is a yearly answer to our renewal request.
You have two ways to apply!  Choose your favorite method.
  1. Use the very simple to use form based application on the web. Just fill in the information and click on the submit button.

  2. Just send the following information directly in an email to:
    Name, Gender, Email address, and Work address.