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Ascend Racing Team

ASCEND Communications Racing Team
Membership Application

We'd love to have you join -- Sign up today!

Runners of all speeds welcome!!!
Join us for a little or a lot of competition.
The ART will be running a couple of races this year.
We'd love to have more ASCEND employees join us in our runs.

It is very simple to join. We only require a one time application. After that, all we request is a yearly answer to our renewal request.
You have two ways to apply!  Choose your favorite method.
  1. Use the very simple to use form-based application below. Just fill in the information and click on the submit button.

  2. Just send the following information directly in an email to:
    Name, Gender, Email address, Work address and Mail stop.

1) Please enter your name:

2) Please select your Gender:

3) Please enter your internet email address:

4) Please enter your work address and mail stop:

5) Please enter any additional comments: